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6 Unusual Jobs for Business Administration Graduates

You may be under the impression that any business administration job you get after graduation will be a corporate 9-to-5 job that has to do with numbers. That’s a misconception. Career options in business administration are endless. Getting the proper education is the first step. Once you have your associate degree, it can take you down a path with myriad possibilities.

Here are six jobs you can qualify for with an associate degree in business administration:

Retail manager

You’ll be in charge of the stores sales team and will set performance goals, develop employee training programs, analyze sales numbers, oversee budgets and help with marketing efforts. You’ll also likely be the person customers come to with complaints, and you’ll mediate issues among employees.

Restaurant or food services manager

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know that it can be a frantic place. The restaurant manager has to be a Jack or Jill of all trades, managing the day-to-day business operations and handling customer service responsibilities.

Property or community association manager

In this role, you’ll monitor a residential, commercial or industrial property and make sure that it is maintained properly and keeps its resale or leasing value up. Most likely you’ll work in an office and keep track of lease agreements, collect rent, screen tenants, manage budgets, handle maintenance and tenant requests, and even recruit tenants. You may also be called upon to show apartments to potential tenants, inspect the grounds and supervise property maintenance workers.

Special events coordinator

If you enjoy planning parties, meetings or marketing events, this could be the job for you. When you study business administration, you’ll learn how to manage a business. Managing a special event is similar. You could work for a big company or even hire yourself out to multiple companies. Your duties could include arranging all details for special events, including locations, transportation, meals, décor and entertainment.

Account executive

If you work for a company as an account executive, you’ll be assigned a client list and need to make sure the company is handling each client’s needs. If your job is in an advertising agency, you’ll meet with clients to talk about their advertising needs, present ad campaign ideas and costs, maintain the advertising budget and invoice the client, and make sales pitches to win new accounts.

Human resources administrator

As a liaison between employees and management, your job will entail recruiting new staff, conducting orientation meetings for new hires, distributing benefits information, discussing workplace concerns and more. In some smaller companies, you might also administer payroll and help employees determine their benefits.

These are only a few possibilities for business administration graduates. The field is extremely versatile and very much in demand. According to O*NET Online, jobs in business administration are projected to grow faster than average through 2026. When you enroll in an associate degree program, you’ll learn about human resources and business management, marketing, finance and accounting, and the legal environment of modern business. You can apply your knowledge in nearly every industry.

If you think the versatility of a business administration career might be for you, consider studying at MTI College Sacramento. The Business Administration Degree program at MTI provides training in general administrative skills and the principles of business management. You will also:

  • Increase your self-confidence by developing interpersonal skills to help you deal with people
  • Improve your communication and listening skills by learning to write reports, letters and emails; deliver presentations; and negotiate with customers and colleagues
  • Become an involved team player working in a collaborative environment
  • Learn to provide excellent customer service by understanding your company’s services and how to best present them to your customers and satisfy their needs
  • Solve problems and make decisions that can help your company grow and profit
  • Exert your creativity by presenting new ideas and making innovations that make an impact

Moreover, your education at MTI offers hands-on experience and instruction from teachers who have worked in business. They share their experiences with you and put you into real-world scenarios that you may well be faced with once you enter the business workplace.

Become a Skilled Business Administration Professional

The Business Administration Degree program from MTI College in Sacramento provides students with business training in general administrative skills as well as a diversified background in business management principles.

There’s no time like the present to begin your business administration career training. Contact MTI today.

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