Top 5 Jobs for Business Majors

There are many interesting jobs available in the field of business administration; and with the right education, you may be qualified to perform a variety of roles. These are some of the top jobs that you can pursue as a business major.

First-Line Office Supervisor

Education in the field of business administration will prepare you to work in a supervisory role. As a first-line office supervisor, you will directly supervise administrative support and clerical workers. Some of these daily tasks include:

  • Monitoring the work of customer service and office employees to ensure quality and policy adherence
  • Resolving customer complaints and answering customer questions
  • Providing guidance to employees to help them learn how to handle complex problems
  • Discussing job performance issues with employees, and identifying ways to resolve problems

As a first-line supervisor, you’ll also review reports and records about a variety of workplace activities. These may include shipping, payroll, production, and many others.

Work Environment

As of 2015, there were over 1.4 million professionals in these roles across the country. Some of the industries/companies that most often employ first-line office supervisors include:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Local government
  • Retail centers
  • Freight transportation

Procurement Clerk

Procurement clerks work in important business positions, although not many people have heard of this job title. These professionals will compile records and information to create purchase orders of company materials and services. Sometimes known as buyers or procurement officers, they are responsible for several important tasks throughout the day, such as:

  • Performing business buying duties
  • Preparing purchase orders
  • Comparing bids, bills, and purchase orders to ensure accuracy
  • Preparing and reviewing purchasing reports and files
  • Reviewing shipments upon receipt to ensure that orders are filled correctly
  • Calculating order costs and forwarding invoices as needed
  • Comparing prices, delivery dates, and other specifications

Job Outlook

The job outlook for procurement clerks is not expected to change in the near future. However, as workers retire or transfer to other positions, new employees will be needed to replace them.

Insurance Claims Clerk

If you would like to break into the insurance industry, working as an insurance claims clerk is a great start. Insurance claims clerks handle much of the paperwork that is required when processing and issuing insurance claims and policies. Insurance claims clerks have a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Processing new insurance policies and making changes to existing policies
  • Obtaining information from policyholders
  • Using database systems to enter claims information
  • Assisting policyholders to complete applications, claims forms, records, and other documents
  • Updating existing policies to reflect changes
  • Transmitting claims for further investigation of payment

To complete these duties successfully, knowledge of accounting software and insurance databases is important.

Job Outlook

Employment in the field of insurance claims is expected to remain steady through 2018, and the projected growth rate within the field is expected to be between 5% and 8% through 2024.

General Office Clerks

If a clerical job in the business field interests you, work as a general office clerk might be the ideal path. General office clerks are responsible for many duties throughout the day, including:

  • Organizing and delivering mail, and sending outgoing mail
  • Answering calls, taking messages, and transferring calls to the appropriate people
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Greeting customers and visitors
  • Maintaining and filing electronic and paper documents
  • Preparing and processing invoices and other documents
  • Collecting information to perform data entry

General office clerks aren’t specialists. Instead, they have responsibilities that change daily to meet the needs of their employers. One day, a clerk may answer phones, while the next day, he may need to enter data into a computer system. Knowledge of many different types of office equipment and software is a necessity.

Work Environment

By 2024, the need for general office clerks is expected to grow by 10% in California.  Most general office clerks hold full-time positions, and most work in office settings. The top industries that employ the greatest number of these professionals include:

  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Education services
  • Administrative services
  • Government

Most business offices will require general office clerks to ensure efficient operations and exceptional customer service.

If a job in the business field sounds interesting to you, MTI Sacramento can help. By enrolling in a business administration program, you can prepare for any of these stable careers.

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