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How Much Can You Earn as a Medical Biller and Coder?

If you’re researching whether you should pursue medical billing and coding as a career, you’ve probably already looked at the pros and cons of this profession.

One important question that must be on your mind is “How much will I earn as a medical biller and coder?”

That’s a valid question for any potential career, and something you should consider before enrolling in a medical billing and coding training program. Let’s look at all the available data, so you can make a confident, informed choice about a medical coding career.

What Do Medical Billers and Coders Do?

A medical coder transcribes what happens during a patient visit so that insurance companies and health organizations can understand it. Medical coding takes information, such as a physician’s diagnosis, patient symptoms, or a doctor’s prescription, and turns that into numerical or alphanumerical codes. These codes describe each injury, diagnosis, prescription, and medical procedure. This is important for both the patient’s medical records, the doctor’s office or hospital, and the insurance claims processor. The medical coder everything that happens during a patient appointment.

This information is used by the insurance provider to fill the claim and pay the medical office on behalf of the patient. Accuracy is very important, so that the insurance claim is properly paid.

A medical biller takes the coded transcript of the patient visit, and inputs that information into special software. This information is submitted to the patient’s insurance company as a claim.

After the insurance company pays their portion, the remaining amount is billed to the patient. Any co-pays and deductibles are figured into this revised amount. Medical billing, like coding, relies on accuracy and attention to detail.

The medical billers and coders work together to make sure patient visits are recorded accurately, and that record is passed on to the insurance providers, so the medical office gets paid correctly, and the patient is billed for the remaining portion accurately. Billers and coders are an essential part of the healthcare system, interacting with the healthcare provider, insurance companies, and patients.

Median Salary of Medical Billers and Coders

A May 2022 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the median salary for all medical records specialists (coders and billers) was $46,660. [1]

A 2022 salary survey by the American Association of Professional Coders found that medical coders with a CPC certification earned a median salary of $58,895. Please note that medical coding has several coding certifications, with most requiring some years of experience, sometimes in a specific and higher median salary.

According to, the median salary for a medical billing and coding specialist in California is $50,271, with the real salary ranges listed between $46,767 and $55,012.[2]

Median Salary of all Medical Billers and Coders: $46,660 (May 2021 – Bureau of Labor Statistics – National data, United States)

StateMedian SalaryBottom 10%Top 10%
District of Columbia$63,270$37,990$96,870
New Hampshire$38,180$29,440$60,240
New Jersey$67,130$46,910$96,170
New Mexico$38,670$29,250$60,930
New York$55,350$36,930$77,810
North Carolina$38,620$29,140$60,780
North Dakota$47,270$34,840$61,250
Rhode Island$47,340$36,910$74,250
South Carolina$41,140$29,090$72,470
South Dakota$47,160$29,400$71,120
West Virginia$41,250$28,920$59,800

These numbers from the BLS, from May 2021, are for the entire US. How much you can earn will depend on your state, your metro area, and job demand in your area.

10th Percentile: $29,430
25th Percentile: $36,930
75th Percentile: $59,120
90th Percentile: $74,200

How Much Can Medical Coders Earn?

In 2022, The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) surveyed a large number of medical coders across the country. This information was published in their 2023 Medical Coding and Billing Salary Report. [3]

Note: The AAPC is an organization that focuses primarily on medical coding, and many of their members have advanced beyond entry-level certification. As a result, their numbers may look different than a combined medical billing & medical coding salary survey.

RegionStates in RegionMedian Coder Salary
PacificAlaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington$64,124
MountainArizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming$57,114
West South CentralArkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas$56,776
West North CentralIowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota$56,041
East North CentralIllinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin$54,971
East South CentralAlabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee$53,245
South AtlanticDistrict of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia$57,033
Mid AtlanticNew Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania$60,997
New EnglandConnecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont$62,935

What Cities Pay Medical Billers and Coders Highest?

These metropolitan areas have the highest median salary and hourly wages for medical billers and coders, according to May 2021 information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [4]

Metropolitan area Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$ 32.20$ 66,980
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$ 32.16$ 66,900
Stockton-Lodi, CA$ 31.72$ 65,990
Trenton, NJ$ 31.22$ 64,930
Sacramento–Roseville–Arden-Arcade, CA$ 30.16$ 62,730
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$ 29.37$ 61,090
Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NH$ 29.35$ 61,050
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA$ 29.31$ 60,960
Barnstable Town, MA$ 29.05$ 60,420
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA$ 28.98$ 60,270

How Much Do Medical Billers and Coders Earn By Years of Experience?

Years of experience has a substantial effect on how much you can earn as a medical biller and coder. According to a study by the AAPC, there is a 10% jump in median salary after one year of experience, with a medical records specialist jumping 22% in salary from entry-level to two to three years. With five to nine years of experience, a medical biller or coder will have a 39% higher salary than an entry-level biller and coder.

Level of ExperienceHourlyMonthlyAnnual
0 – 1$21.85$3,788$45,456
2 – 4$24.27$4,208$50,490
5 – 9$27.77$4,814$57,769
10 – 15$29.96$5,194$62,324
16 – 20$31.76$5,505$66,060
21 – 25$31.83$5,517$66,200
26 – 30$33.57$5,820$69,834

(Source: American Academy of Professional Coders)

What States Pay the Most for Medical Billing and Coding?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Association of Professional Coders, and Allied Health Schools, the states where medical billers and coders are paid the highest are New Jersey, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Reported Avg Salary and Hourly Wage for Medical Billers and Coders, as of May 2022

StateAvg Salary, BLS data, May 2022Avg Salary, AAPC dataAvg Salary, Allied Health Avg Hourly Wage, BLS data, May 2022Avg Hourly Wage, AAPC data
New Jersey$67,130$65,568$61,680$32.28$31.52
District of Columbia$63,270$65,000$60,020$30.42$31.25
New York$55,350$62,369$48,350$26.61$29.99
New Hampshiren/a$60,959$38,180n/a$29.31
Rhode Islandn/a$65,110$47,340n/a$31.30

Note: Data shown is from the respective sources, as of May 2022.

There is a range of data, because the organizations survey different medical records specialists, and they have a different range of education, experience, and professional certifications.

How Much Can You Earn as a Medical Biller and Coder in Sacramento, CA? reports that the average hourly wage for a biller and coder in Sacramento is $23.76 (as of July 2022). The pay in Sacramento ranges from $15.26 per hour (bottom 25%), with the top 75% earning $29.48. [5] has a full range of medical billing jobs in Sacramento, with billing and coding jobs that ranged from $45,506 (Medical Billing Clerk I) to $114, 647 (Medical Billing Manager – this one is higher than other jobs listed). Most of the jobs listed were in the range of $48, 399 (Medical Billing Specialist) to $82,500 (Medical Billing Clerk III). The median of all non-managerial billing and coding jobs listed in February 2023 was $62, 512, and the median hourly wage for all medical billing and coding jobs in Sacramento was $30.21. [6]

The bottom 25% of medical coders in California in 2021 earned $34,409 to $47,680. The top 25% of medical billing and coding jobs in California in 2021 paid between $60,953 and $83,072, according to ZipRecruiter.[7]

NOTE: Most candidates will start at an entry-level medical billing and coding position, and with experience and additional certification, be able to advance to more advanced, better compensating positions. Managerial positions are usually the top of the hierarchy.

Start Your Medical Billing and Coding Career Today

Campus offers a Medical Billing and Coding certification program that can be completed in about 36 to 42 weeks. This program is one of our Online classes, where all of the coursework can be done online.

If you see working as a medical billing and coding professional in your future, contact our Admissions department today, and they can answer any questions you have about the program.

We’re happy to help you start a successful career in medical billing and coding.

Note: The data provided above are from a source unaffiliated with Campus, formerly known as MTI College, are for informational purposes only and represent the employment field as a whole. They are not solely specific to Campus graduates and, by providing the above information, Campus makes no representation, direct or implied, or opinion regarding employability.

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