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House and scales of justice
What’s It Like Working as a Real Estate Paralegal?
Person on crutches shakes hand with legal team
What Type of Work Does a Personal Injury Paralegal Do Each Day?
Freelance Paralegal
5 Tips on How to Become a Freelance Paralegal
Gavel and court bench
What is e-Discovery in Paralegal Work?
Scales of Justice - metaphor for legal studies
What’s the Difference Between Paralegal and Legal Studies?
Los Angeles Paralegal
A Day in the Life of a Paralegal
Lady justice. Statue of Justice in library. Legal and law background concept
How Paralegals Can Help a Law Office
Corporate Paralegal
What Do Corporate Paralegals Do?
Paralegal in Law Office
11 Types of Paralegals That Are In Demand
Where Can Paralegals Work?
Paralegal woman in law office
What Can You Do With a Paralegal Degree?
Woman paralegal student doing online classes
Campus, formerly MTI College, Introduces Online Paralegal Studies A.A. Degree Program
MTI College Paralegal Program
Are There Advantages to an ABA-Approved Paralegal Program?
Paralegal in California
How to Become a Certified Paralegal in California and Excel at Your Career
Lawyers and Paralegals
What is a Paralegal and What Do They Do?
Paralegal library student
What is the Difference Between Paralegals and Legal Secretaries?
MTI College Paralegal Program
Most Common Tasks Performed by Paralegals
paralegal multi-tasking
How to Handle Working for Multiple Attorneys When You’re a Paralegal
Paralegal Organization
Why Organization is Key to Being an Efficient Paralegal
Paralegal Advice
Some Words of Advice for New Paralegals
MTI College Paralegal on the job
6 Signs a Career in Paralegal is for You
Paralegal Resume
Make Your Paralegal Resume Stand Out and Help You Get Your First Job
Paralegal in law office
6 Reasons Why Technology is Important to a Paralegal’s Career
Judge sitting at table during court hearings
Trial Preparation Tips for Paralegals
Nichole Dickinson, MTI Alumni
Alumni Spotlight: Nichole Dickinson, Legal Superstar
Alumni Jenni Burton
Alumni Spotlight – Jenni Burton
Alumni Josh Burton
Alumni Spotlight – Josh Burton
Faculty Spotlight - Nicole Silverman
Faculty Spotlight – Nicole Silverman
Alumni Caitlin Scott
Alumni Spotlight – Caitlin Scott
Faculty Alan Delgado
Faculty Spotlight – Allen Delgado
Alumni Sherri Brinson
Alumni Spotlight – Sherri Dutra-Brinson
Paralegal on the job
Training for a Career as a Paralegal
Law Office
Top 5 Skills Paralegals Need
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