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6 Careers Paths You Can Pursue as a Barber

After earning your barber certification, you can practice barbering in California as a fully licensed professional.

There’s a wide array of jobs you can do as a barber, and many possibilities for putting your skills to work.

Below, we look at a just some of the ways your can use your barber’s license to have a lucrative and fulfilling career.

1. Professional Barber

Barbers cut and style men’s hair and facial hair. In California, they must complete a barber training program with at least 1000 hours of training and then pass a state board certification exam. As a barber, you’ll need the technical skills to trim and style hair, beards, and mustaches, and customer service skills. While helping customers improve and maintain their appearance, you will also need to manage customer flow, and keep your workstation and equipment clean and sanitary. Most barbers work in salons or barbershops.

2. Barbershop Owner

Most barbershop owners started as barbers, and they may also have some training in business. They may manage the day-to-day business, or they may hire a manager to handle the daily responsibilities. Many barbershop owners still have a chair, and spend some time working alongside their colleagues.

3. Celebrity Barber

Some barbers are fortunate enough to build up a clientele of celebrities and well-known personalities. Celebrity barbers may be called on to travel to different stops to take care of their clients and keep their appearance sharp.

4. Platform Artist

A platform artist, or platform stylist, as they are sometimes called, performs at hair industry trade shows. They showcase hair styling techniques or promote specific tools or hair care products. A platform artist must be an exceptional barber, but also a great communicator, a teacher, and salesperson. If you are comfortable in the spotlight, and like interacting with people, this may be a career goal for you.

5. Hair Care Product Representative

After working in a barbershop, some people choose to work as sales representatives for hair care products. Their job is to ensure salons and barbershops are educated on their products and to help support product sales in a region or district.

6. Barber Instructor

A barber instructor teaches students how to cut men’s hair, shave facial hair, use clippers and shears, and style and color hair. The instructors primarily teach at cosmetology and barbering schools, community colleges, or vocational schools. These are usually seasoned veterans of barbering, with many years of hands-on experience.

Become a Professional Barber in About 30 Weeks

If you want to become a professional barber, and work in a barbershop or salon, or even open your own barbershop, Campus can help you reach that goal. We have a world-class barber training program at our Sacramento campus. To learn more about the Paul Mitchell the School at Campus training program, or ask questions about financial aid, contact our Admissions team today to schedule a virtual tour.

Want to learn more about programs at Campus, formerly MTI College?

Our admissions team will help you find the perfect program to meet your goals. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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