5 MTI Paul Mitchell Stylists Listed in BE!’s Top Platform Artists

In 2012, BE! Magazine released its “Top 40 Platform Artists” list for the year. We are proud to announce that five of the honorees are Paul Mitchell MTI College stylists and educators! Every year, those ranked within this prestigious list can move up or down the pecking order, be removed entirely, or be brought in from the field. Competition for these slots is tight, and all platform artists from every company are in the running.

BE! Rankings for Paul Mitchell Stylists:

2) Angus Mitchell: Paul Mitchell Co-owner

5) Robert Cromeans: Global Artistic Director

19) Stephanie Kocielski: Artistic Director and Vice President of Education (new to the list!)

35) Linda Yodice & Scott Cole: Artistic Co-Directors for Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color

What Makes a Platform Artist?

Platform artists have some of the most glamorous jobs within the cosmetology industry. They essentially form the public face of the organization they represent. Their roles are half teaching and half sales, carried out with a healthy dash of charisma and flair. As experts in the field, platform artists are responsible for showcasing their company’s products as well as instructing other cosmologists on their use.

They make appearances around the world at trade shows and expositions, where they rock the floor as the celebrity figures that draw in the crowds. In schools across the country, they host workshops and training sessions to educate rising cosmologists and stylists on the latest innovations within the field. Along with this mission, they promote the image of their company and its products.

Training at Paul Mitchell The School

With students of Paul Mitchell The School at MTI College already making a name for themselves, other future cosmetologist professionals may also make their way onto the list one day. Paul Mitchell’s beauty program offers students the opportunity to engage in professional cosmetology career training. This cosmetology training program attracts motivated students who not only want to be a part of the beauty industry, but take control of their future careers as well. The program boasts both excellent board exam pass rates (100% of students who graduated from the most recent quarter Jan 1-Mar 31) as well as job placement rates within the field of cosmetology (100% of those who graduated during the 2010-2011 academic year).

Learn from the best instructors at Sacramento’s top cosmetology program and apply to Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College today!

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