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Top Industries for Sacramento Careers

On the west coast, Sacramento has many industries to offer its residents. Its location just a couple hours from the San Francisco Bay and at the junction of major railways makes it home to a variety of occupations and commercial activity. A perk of having such a diverse population with a variety of careers is that there are also market-sensitive offerings for Sacramento career training.

Accounting Careers

As Sacramento is home to a plethora of businesses, accounting careers are popular since all companies large and small rely on accounting professionals for budgeting, payroll, taxes, and more. Those who choose to follow this career path are educated on the financial bookkeeping required for every business. Math and computer skills are vital to this job and a comprehensive Sacramento career training program for accounting will include instruction and certification in business-oriented accounting software.

Business Administration Careers

Those seeking a job in an office environment would be most attracted to the business field. Again, Sacramento’s location as a hub for many industries means many companies are in demand for business administrators and managers. Sacramento career training should focus on skills training in organizational and project management software.

Information Technology

As one of the most diverse industries, Northern California technology career training is available for many types of IT careers. Application developers create mobile and web apps and are practiced in the programming tools needed for the different steps of the process. As technology advances, application developers are becoming more eagerly sought out by companies looking to reach new audiences. Another specialized area of information technology needed by many companies is technical support, or helpdesk support. Technical support is another field that is growing as more people rely more heavily on software and devices. Similarly, as businesses move their data to shared networks, network administrators become important members of the team.

Legal Careers

The legal field is always a popular target of Sacramento career training. However, to spare the time and expense of attending law school and passing the BAR exam, many interested in the legal field pursue careers as legal administrative assistants, who serve a primary role in every legal office. Also, careers in paralegal studies are popular as these individuals gain a deep understanding of the law and work directly on legal cases. There is always a need for those employed in the legal field, and it continues to grow.

Healthcare Careers

Healthcare is one of the leading career paths available to people across the country, including Sacramento. One path to pursue is that of phlebotomy, training medical professionals to draw blood for medical testing, transfusions, donations, and research. While the US allows for national certification, California has specific certification requirements and is more selective about which agencies it accepts certification from. A Sacramento career training program will be able to help students get the appropriate certification for practicing in California. Another essential position that is relatively fast to train for is as a medical billing and coding professional. They work closely with doctors and other medical personnel to identify how procedures should be billed. Those who pursue this career need to be extremely organized and be prepared to learn plenty of medical terminology. A third popular field in the healthcare industry is that of the medical assistant. Training in this field allows people to work directly with patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Medical assistants are especially vital to combat doctor and other medical staff shortages.

Cosmetology Careers

This field has a long history in the city of Sacramento with many options for training and employment. Cosmetology covers a wide range of professions, including salon technicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, spa professionals, and more. Sometimes a cosmetologist’s responsibilities will overlap into different areas of beauty, so Sacramento career training programs for cosmetology will provide a solid background in different areas of professional styling.

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