Career Training Popular Amid Economic Instability

Graduating with Career-Ready skills is becoming more and more necessary

All to often, those who have received a BA or a BS degree graduate and find themselves waiting tables or doing other menial jobs that have nothing to do with their major. This is mostly because, although four year college offer a well-rounded education, they do not necessarily ever teach the practical skills that business’s want new hires to know. Bachelor’s Degree holders have learned theory, but must often be trained in practice on the job, a task which fewer and fewer employers are able to afford.

Job training programs from a vocational school, career college, or technical school eliminate the disconnect between school and work. Graduates with an Associate’s degree in health care support in fields such as medical billing and coding, medical assisting and Phlebotomy, for example, are already completely equipped to begin fulfilling careers in those areas. They need very little on the job training and can begin becoming an asset to the company that hired them very quickly. This quick return on investment is exactly what employers are looking for at a time when profits are down, and business is unstable.

MTI is one of the best career colleges in the Sacramento area, with job training in several fields including accounting, business, healthcare, law, technology and cosmetology. Students graduate from these job training programs with a specific degree that ensures success as they begins their new careers.

There are other advantages to getting an Associate’s degree or diploma in a specialized business. The short 30 to 60 week programs make it possible to enter the workforce quickly and start building on your career at a young age. Additionally, job training programs at career colleges are good, not only for new students, but also returning students or people who are have a job and are looking at switching careers or have recently been laid off. Career schools in the Sacramento area and elsewhere typically offer flexible scheduling and night classes to accommodate working professionals.

This is flexibility that you would not otherwise get from a traditional four year degree program.

Yet another advantage to attending a job training school is the fact that they usually have very high hire rates among graduating classes. In 2014, 94% of graduates who used MTI’s career placement center, or through their own efforts, obtained training-related jobs after graduation. With such a fantastic career placement staff, MTI College is a great place to start in Sacramento if you’re considering going the career college route or find yourself wanting to switch careers for any reason.

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