Are you thinking about attending Paul Mitchell the School at MTI College, but wondering how much it costs? The good news is that tuition and fees are probably a lot less than you think, especially once you consider how much help is available to assist you in paying for tuition.

Paul Mitchell the School prices can be offset with student grants and loans, just like traditional colleges and higher-education facilities around the country. Attending MTI’s Paul Mitchell the School to learn cosmetology means that you’re eligible for the same state and federal aid programs that many students are eligible for when they attend schools for business, art, technology, or even law programs.

Of course, everyone’s financial situation is different, and the cost of each individual student’s program of study will vary, which means the exact amount of aid will be different for each student, as well. But keep in mind that Paul Mitchell the School is an accredited college, and there are many government-funding opportunities available for people who want to attend classes here.

Grants and Loans for Paul Mitchell the School at MTI

Some of the ways that you can help pay for tuition at Paul Mitchell the School include Federal Pell Grants, Federal SEOG Grants, Federal Stafford Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized), Federal PLUS loans, State and Private Grants, Federal Work Study, and Institutional Loans. You can also apply for private scholarships to help pay for tuition at Paul Mitchell the School.

Paul Mitchell the School’s Merit Scholarship

MTI College wants to help students achieve their goals by providing tuition waiver awards that range from $1,000 to $3,000. Contact one of our admissions advisors to learn more about this great opportunity!

Base Tuition and Supplies

The base tuition and registration cost at Paul Mitchell the School is $17,184 per year. Books, supplies, and the Paul Mitchell Kit are an additional $2,691 annually. The actual cost of attendance for a student will be less any grants, loans, or scholarships that he or she may receive.

Financial Aid Process

If you want to apply for financial aid to attend Paul Mitchell the School, you’ll need to follow government deadlines that have been set for state and federal programs. To start a financial aid query at MTI College, we recommend you schedule an appointment with an admissions advisor using our contact form. Our admissions advisor will talk with you about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as Cal Grants and payment plans that may be available.

If you love fashion and beauty and have longed to work as a cosmetologist, we encourage you to meet with an admissions advisor at MTI College to explore how low your tuition fees can be, and how you can start making your dreams of attending beauty school a reality.

When a prospective student first walks onto MTI’s campus for their first tour, they are filled with excitement at the prospect of a new career. MTI offers Degree and/or Diploma programs in Paralegal, Legal Administrative Assisting, Cosmetology, Salon Management, Accounting, Business, Healthcare, and Technology, so the excitement is understandable. However, as the paperwork starts to appear and the application process goes into full swing, the financial aspects can be intimidating. That is why MTI’s Cal Grant eligibility for 2013 creates such a wonderful opportunity for the students at MTI.

I talked with Amy Norman, Financial Aid Advisor at MTI College, about the financial aid options that students have. She explained that the financial aid process, though it can seem complicated and overwhelming, is really rather straight-forward, especially with the assistance of the Financial Aid Advisors in the Financial Aid Office on campus. Students at MTI are able to apply not only for Student Loans, but also for the Pell Grant and Cal Grants.

Student Loans are exactly what they sound like. With options for both dependent and independent students and interest rates starting as low as 3.4% (for Subsidized Student Loans), a Student Loan may be exactly what any given student is looking for from Financial Aid. However, what about all these grants that are floating around; Pell Grants, Cal Grants, SEOG Grants? How on earth does one navigate that universe, one might ask? Fortunately, Amy Norman and Paula Perez, Director of Financial Aid, were able to explain how easy (and free!) the process is.

The first thing that any student looking to apply for Grants should do, Norman explained, is fill out the FAFSA (“Free Application for Federal Student Aid”) for 2013-2014 at (Beware of any other FAFSA site – there are others that exist and will accurately file your information, but charge upwards of $80!) Norman said that many students worry that they need to have their taxes filed before they can start their FAFSA, or they’re so intimidated by the whole process so they let it slip by without taking advantage of the opportunity. Though having your taxes filed as early as possible will definitely help with obtaining accurate numbers from the FAFSA (your refund will be taken into account) all you really need to initially fill out the FAFSA is your 2012 income information. (If you’re dependent, you’ll need your parents’ income information, too.) Once your FAFSA is filed, drop by the Financial Aid office to check in and fill out a GPA Verification Worksheet. Once that’s in, you’re in the running for Pell Grants (a Federal Student Grant based on income and household size) and Cal Grants (State Grants). The sooner you fill out your FAFSA, though, the better since the deadline to apply for a Cal Grant is March 2nd.

To give you a little info on the Cal Grant specifically, now that MTI is eligible as of 2013, our students who qualify are eligible for as much as $4,000 per academic year based on which tier of the Cal Grant they qualify for. The money becomes available in September, but students who apply will most likely know whether or not they qualify for Cal Grant money by some point in July (or when the State passes the budget).

If at any point you are looking for assistance in this process, drop by the Financial Aid office (hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-7:30pm, Friday 8:30am-5:00pm) and bring your income documents with you. The Financial Aid Advisors will be happy to help you with getting all your financial ducks in a row to give you the best shot at some of these opportunities. Until then, remember that the only FAFSA site to use is and MTI’s school number is 008680. You’ll need to enter that in order for the Financial Aid office to access your FAFSA and put you on the road toward some potential Grants!

Key information:

Where to file your 2013-2014 FAFSA:

MTI College school number: 008680

Deadline to file in order to qualify for Cal Grant: March 2, 2013

Financial Aid Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30am-7:30pm, Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

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