What You’ll Learn in Medical Assistant Classes

There are a few different types of medical assistants: general, clinical, and administrative. Similarly, there are different degrees and types of training available to potential medical assistants, depending on what type of medical assistant they aspire to be. Additionally, not all medical assistants are certified, because certification requires a bit more education and training, typically from an accredited institution.

General Coursework in a Medical Assistant Course Training Program

Most medical assistant training programs include courses in medical office administration, computer and general office skills, medical law, ethics, proper documentation procedures, insurance and medical office billing procedures, business communication skills, medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and psychology for the medical professional.

These courses may vary by name and content from institution to institution, but a solid preparatory course should include most of them.

Certification and Exam Preparation for Medical Assistant Training

Additionally, many programs offer students courses that have been specifically designed to prepare them to take the certification exams in the states where they are offered. If you’re hoping to become certified in your state or in another, it makes sense to investigate potential programs to make sure that the one you select offers the level of certification and exam preparation that will help you to succeed.

It’s also wise to ensure that an appropriate certifying body has accredited the medical assistant training program you choose.

Getting Started on the Path to Becoming a Medical Assistant

The length and level of training you select in your pursuit of a medical assistant education should be tailored to meet your goals once you’ve completed school. The length of time it takes to complete training, the rigorousness of the courses involved, and the certification that you seek should all be considered prior to enrollment.

If you’re hoping to pursue a career as a clinical, administrative, or general medical assistant, start your journey with MTI College and enroll in medical assistant classes. We offer students the opportunity to become a certified Medical Assistant in our Diploma Program, and you can easily start the process of enrollment today!

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