Administrative Office Professional - Diploma Program

Preparing Students For An Administration Office Career

Designed to give students the training and skills needed to work in a wide range of office support positions. Build your foundation with MTI’s Administrative Office Professional Program in Sacramento, CA.


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Administrative Office Professional Program at MTI College in Sacramento, California

The MTI Administrative Office Professional program provides every student with the basic skills and qualifications they need for entry-level employment in business support. The training that students receive will prepare them for business administration jobs both in California and around the United States, with courses that emphasize in business support software including QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.

Review our course and industry information to see if the Administrative Office Professional program at MTI College is right for you. Fill out an information or tour request form to get started today!

About the Administrative Office Professional Program

MTI College is one of the most popular and well-respected Sacramento business training schools in the country. Students can earn the Administrative Office Professional diploma or an even more comprehensive two-year degree: the Associate in Arts in Business Administration.

Each program has its advantages. Choosing the right one largely depends on how much training you want to receive.

The business courses at our Sacramento campus will help students build the foundation required for pursuing and advancing into a fulfilling business support career. The MTI Administrative Office Professional program can be completed in as little as 9 months, which is faster than most other administrative office programs.

Students will gain knowledge of computerized business applications and build a solid foundation of business communication. The program provides the tools and knowledge for students to pursue employment in the field of general business administration confidently.

Upon successful completion of the Administrative Office Professional program at MTI College, students will be able to do the following:

  • Compose clear, organized business documents, including professional letters and memos tailored to a specific audience.
  • Perform fundamental accounting procedures including journalizing transactions, preparing financial statements, and completing bank reconciliations.
  • Create and present professional presentations with appropriate visual aides.
  • Use Microsoft Office Applications to execute, maintain, and improve office operations.
  • Apply customer service, problem solving, and interpersonal skills to business situations.
  • Act independently and as a team member to work effectively in a confident, competent and professional manner.

Choosing MTI’s business program is going to help students build a business administration career sooner and more efficiently.

Administrative Office Professional Opportunities

The Administrative Office Professional program is designed to give students the training, and the skills needed to work in a vast variety of office support positions. With the competition for office support positions in Sacramento and throughout the country, specialized and certified training for an office clerk, administrative assistant and other similar jobs can give you an advantage in the marketplace.

No matter the company you join, students will walk away from MTI College with the tools and skills needed to succeed in the business support industry.

Next Start Dates:

January 3, 2022 Administrative Office Professional
February 14, 2022 Administrative Office Professional
March 28, 2022 Administrative Office Professional

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Program Assessment 2017 (PDF)

Program Length

Estimated Length: 42 weeks

*Estimated program length assumes a student does not have prior transferable course credit and successfully completes a full course load each term. Actual program length may be longer or shorter depending on factors including, but not limited to, prior academic credit, class availability, academic performance, and attendance.

Program Courses

A121A - Accounting
This course introduces the accounting student to fundamental accounting principles and standards as prescribed by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The student learns accrual-based accounting for service industries, including the entire accounting cycle, and procedures for the internal control of cash.
A121B - Accounting
This course continues using accrual-based accounting for merchandising businesses; 10-column worksheet, financial statements (including Statement of Cash Flow), adjusting entries and closing entries.
A150 - Computerized Accounting
The course covers the uses of a popular accounting software package to solve accounting problems, simulating the working environment.
A160 - Accounting with Spreadsheets
The student uses Excel or similar spreadsheet software to develop accounting applications and solve accounting problems.
DA123 - Word Processing Concepts
This course provides a comprehensive overview of word processing skills. The course focuses on the creation, editing, formatting, electronic publication, and printing of standard business documents. Students will explore efficient document navigation, using graphics, preparing reports, proper source citations, using tables, and using the merge tools. Documents created will include letters, reports, research papers, flyers, announcements, newsletters, envelopes, and labels.
DA143 - Spreadsheet Concepts
This course provides a comprehensive overview of spreadsheet skills. The course focuses on the creation, editing, formatting, electronic publication, and printing of standard spreadsheet documents. Students will explore efficient spreadsheet navigation, formulas, functions, using graphics, preparing charts, and performing numeric and financial data analysis.
DA152 - Database Concepts
This course teaches the student to analyze, evaluate, and design an effective database using Microsoft Access. The student will learn fundamental concepts associated with using database objects, as well as understand the underlying concepts and theories in designing a simple relational database.
DA164 - Presentation Concepts
This course prepares students for the preparation and delivery of presentations in a variety of formats. Students will explore the organization of a presentation’s narrative, verbal delivery techniques, and the appropriate use of visual aids to communicate effectively to a group. Microsoft PowerPoint will be introduced as a supplemental tool for multimedia delivery. The course will help students obtain confidence in verbal presentations.
M110 - Mathematics in Business
Students learn the basic arithmetic methods involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, integers, equations, and percentages. Problem-solving is emphasized and is oriented toward business situations.

Program Costs

Grants and other forms of tuition assistance are available to those who qualify. To find out what you’re eligible for, contact an MTI admissions advisor today!

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Registration: $15,380
Books and Supplies: $1,056

Job Placement

Job Placement Rate

Award Year Adjusted Job Placement Rate: *%
Award Year Unadjusted Job Placement Rate: *%

*Fewer than 10 students completed this program in the award year. This information has been withheld to preserve the confidentiality of the students.

Based on the number of Administrative Office Professional graduates in the 2019-2020 award year who registered for graduate placement services and secured employment in their field of study, and those who did not register and successfully obtained employment on their own.

* Future results may vary. MTI’s job placement rate calculations are based on the award year July 1 to June 30. The unadjusted rate represents the percentage of total graduates who obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate represents the percentage of graduates who are actively looking for work and obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate does not include graduates who are not looking for work for reasons such as continuing education, remaining at current place of employment, military service, health issues, death, etc. For a complete explanation of MTI’s placement calculations, please visit: Job Placement Rate Calculation

All information provided in compliance with U.S. Code 75 FR 66948 §668.6.


Admissions Process

For admission to MTI College, applicants must –

  • Interview with an admissions advisor
  • Provide proof of graduation from high school or GED equivalent
  • Complete an application for admission
  • Take a placement assessment

The first part of the application process may be completed online.

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