Medical Billing and Coding Professional - Certification Program

Hiring for medical billing and coding professionals continues to see significant growth

MTI College’s Medical Billing and Coding certification program gives you the skills and knowledge to work as a healthcare professional in outpatient facilities, including nursing homes, medical offices and other healthcare facilities.

Course Overview

MTI College’s Medical Billing and Coding certification program gives you the skills and knowledge to work as a healthcare professional in outpatient facilities, including nursing homes, medical offices and other healthcare facilities. Our medical billing and coding training curriculum helps you become proficient in:

  • Insurance billing
  • Medical coding of records
  • Administrative office duties
  • Using Medisoft practice management software
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Computer skills
  • Problem‐solving and organizational skills

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Demand for Medical Billing Professionals

More and more qualified professionals are needed in the medical field every year! As people age, they often require more medical care. Therefore, as the Baby Boomer generation begins to age, it is not surprising that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for medical billing and coding professionals will have significant growth.

The Medical Billing and Coding certification program at MTI College of Sacramento gives you the training needed to become qualified for an exciting healthcare career in billing and coding. Plus, the flexibility of our Medical Billing and Coding program allows you to attend classes during the day or the evening to fit your schedule.

Medical Billing and Coding Professional Career Description

Medical billing and coding professionals (MBCP) are reliable and deadline oriented. They are well‐organized employees who can interact with physicians, patients and other personnel during the course of their day. MBCP’s are able to write well and express themselves in a professional manner. They also enjoy paying attention to details, and are comfortable learning and using technology and the latest electronic healthcare record (EHR) software. Medical billing and coding professionals help organize patient information. You’ll use EHR software to track and code each visit. Medical billers help determine the amount of money the patient or their insurance provider, Medicaid or Medicare reimburses your office. Sometimes coders keep track of statistics, as well. Becoming a medical billing and coding professional gives you an opportunity to make a difference and enjoy a career in the healthcare industry.

Endorsement and Certifications

Since MTI College is a member of both the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and American Medical Billing Association (AMBA), the Medical Billing and Coding Professional Program prepares students for the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) exam and the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam.  These industry-recognized credentials make certified MTI graduates sought-after in the competitive job market.

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Program Assessment 2017 (PDF)

Program Highlights

MO126 - Medical Terminology with Anatomy and Physiology
This course is designed to help students succeed in healthcare careers by familiarizing them with medical terms and an introduction into human anatomy and physiology. An emphasis is placed on teaching how terminology relates to the functions and structures of the human body. A systematic learning approach will be used to acquaint the student with the human body and teach terms and word parts related to specific medical specialties and pathological conditions.
MO130 - Medical Office Practice
This course is an overview of the responsibilities of medical front office personnel. Focus will be on medical office interactions, human relations, customer service, the main medical specialties and their focuses, and the role of medical assisting. Patient confidentiality, ethics in the work place, and other legal issues are discussed. The Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) will be covered. Medical office bookkeeping and payroll are included.
MO136 - Introduction to Medical Insurance and Coding
This course introduces students to different medical insurance types in the medical field. Focus will be on the importance of insurance eligibility, collection of proper documentation, and compliance standards needed in a medical office. Students will learn to use ICD-10, HCPCS coding standards and CPT coding books to properly code diagnoses and procedures.
MO143 - Medical Insurance Billing and Claims Processing
This course is a capstone class for Medical Office and Billing Specialist students. Student will become proficient with claims processing, healthcare payers, provider charges and payment methods, claim adjudication, reimbursement follow-up and record retention. Practical hands-on classroom experience simulating the medical billing cycle in a private practice environment. The focus will be on taking students beyond the initial claims process, expanding into following up on unpaid claims and payment procedures. As students go through the billing cycle, they will also learn techniques to improve cash flow for a medical practice.
MO146 - Electronic Health Records
Student will learn the importance and functionality of electronic health records with practical hands-on classroom experience simulating the workflow in a medical office environment. Students will learn how the administrative, billing, and clinical functions are integrated with the use of certified electronic health records software.
MO158 - Procedural Coding
This course provides an in-depth view of CPT and HCPCS coding. Students will learn how to identify and assign accurate procedure codes by using various health care specialties scenarios and case studies.
MO161 - ICD-10 Diagnoses and Procedure Coding
This course provides an in-depth view of the new ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding system. Students will learn how to identify and assign accurate diagnostic and procedural coding by using various health care specialties scenarios and case studies.
MO196 - Medical Billing and Coding Certification Strategies
Students will learn and apply certification testing strategies to help them pass the Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) or Certified Coding Associate (CCA) certification exam.
MB500 - Medical Billing and Coding Externship
This 160-hour externship is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on experience in an outpatient medical billing provider office or medical billing entity that is separate from the college. Students will apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the Medical Billing and Coding Professional program and demonstrate professionalism in interacting with healthcare billing professionals and patients. Student will perform administrative, billing and coding processes under the supervision of an office or billing manager and receive feedback on their performance.

Program Costs

Grants and other forms of tuition assistance are available to those who qualify. To find out what you’re eligible for, contact an MTI admissions advisor today!

Median Loan Debt Incurred by Students

Median Loan Debt: $7,105

*The median debt of borrowers who completed this program in the 2016-2017 award year. This debt includes federal, private, and institutional loans.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Registration: $15,790
Books and Supplies: $2,336

Job Placement

Job Placement Rate

Award Year Adjusted Job Placement Rate: 92%
Award Year Unadjusted Job Placement Rate: 92%

Based on the number of Medical Billing and Coding Professional graduates in the 2016-2017 award year who registered for graduate placement services and secured employment in their field of study, and those who did not register and successfully obtained employment on their own.

* Future results may vary. MTI’s job placement rate calculations are based on the award year July 1 to June 30. The unadjusted rate represents the percentage of total graduates who obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate represents the percentage of graduates who are actively looking for work and obtain employment in or related to their field of study. The adjusted rate does not include graduates who are not looking for work for reasons such as continuing education, remaining at current place of employment, military service, health issues, death, etc. For a complete explanation of MTI’s placement calculations, please visit: Job Placement Rate Calculation

All information provided in compliance with U.S. Code 75 FR 66948 §668.6.

Admissions Process

For admission to MTI College, applicants must –

  • Interview with an admissions advisor
  • Provide proof of graduation from high school or GED equivalent
  • Complete an application for admission

Pass an admissions examination

The first part of the application process may be completed online.

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Graduate Testimonial

I have enjoyed working with the teachers. They pushed me to do my best and to work hard. MTI prepared me with all the skills I needed to work in the real world. Jenette Edwards, Medical Assisting
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