What Computer Programs Are Most Valuable in Business and Accounting?

It is increasingly more difficult to overestimate the value of a solid understanding of computer software programs in attaining success in either the field of business or accounting. These days, it’s almost impossible to find a job posting for any position in any field that doesn’t require at least a basic understanding of rudimentary software applications.

But specific to business and accounting, which computer programs are really the most valuable? If you had to narrow the possibilities down to a just a few core programs to learn, these would be the most necessary to know for success.

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is the basic operating system currently used on more than half of all PCs. Because the overwhelming majority of the business world uses PCs due to their relatively low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance, it is very important to have a firm grasp of how to navigate the Windows 7 operating environment, how to correctly use programs in Windows, and what not to mess with in the background prior to moving fully into a career in either business or accounting.

Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Office 365 are two versions of the same suite of software programs that includes such business and accounting favorites as Microsoft Word, the default word processing program used in nearly all business contexts; Microsoft Excel, the default spreadsheet creation and management program used in nearly all business contexts; Microsoft PowerPoint, the industry-standard in presentation software; and Microsoft Access, a database management software in business and accounting.

The programs in Microsoft Office are some of the most commonly used applications across all industries in the US. Knowledge and experience in their application is highly valuable to nearly all employers in business and accounting.

Intuit QuickBooks

Anyone who is serious about a career in either business or accounting would also do well to acquaint themselves with how to use Intuit’s QuickBooks programs. These programs are the standard for use in accounting and all other aspects of business account management across just about every industry.

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