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Campus Has Moved to Online Classes

In support of our county and state’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, Campus, formerly known as MTI College, migrated all classes to an online format on March 18, 2020. Our priority is to maintain the health of our students, faculty, staff, and all family members during this time.

Despite this change, Campus is taking every step possible to support student learning to keep all students on track to complete their respective career training goals. The Campus community has rallied to keep our students moving forward.

Just like our on-campus classes, Campus’ online classes are focused on learning the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Right now, millions of professionals around the world are working with the same tools and skills that you’ll be practicing within your upcoming classes.

Here are a few things to know about your online classes.

What can I expect from my online class?

Every class has different objectives, so class formats will vary. Some classes will hold a live session with an instructor where you’ll receive explanations and demonstration about key topics you should learn. You’ll be able to interact with the class by typing in messages (just like texting) or, optionally, talking with your microphone or webcam. Some classes will include recorded lessons that you can review at your convenience to learn at your own pace. All classes will provide you with guided activities to practice skills and learn concepts. Instructors are available every step of the way.

What technology do I need at home?

At a minimum, it is recommended that you have a smartphone able to install apps. A tablet such as an Apple iPad could be helpful. Ideally, you’ll have the best experience if you are able to use a laptop or desktop computer. The computer could be either Windows or a Mac. You should have headphones or speakers to hear your instructor and possible classmates. A microphone or camera (webcam) can be helpful, but are not required. You’ll also need a wi-fi or cellular internet connection. If you need a free or low-cost internet plan, view some of the options provided by National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) here – all plans are less than $20 per month.

How will I know what to do in my first class?

Whether online or, eventually, on-campus, the Campus advisors will help make sure that you have everything you need to participate in your first class. All new students at Campus are provided a full orientation to prepare them for their first online meeting. You’ll be shown the tools and steps necessary to view your class meeting.

How will online classes be conducted?

Ongoing classes will use Microsoft Teams for online learning. IF you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams, please access this link: Microsoft Teams for Campus Students – Where to get Teams and how to use Teams. Students will access course content via Microsoft Teams and/or E-Learning.  At the beginning of each term, you will see your courses populated in these platforms.

Is there a page for COVID-19 resources on the Campus website?

We have an ongoing list of announcements for new and returning students here: . New developments or announcements about class schedules will be posted there.

Contacting Campus/MTI for Support

This is an unprecedented event, and the staff at Campus, formerly known as MTI College, is here to help support your learning through this time. If you have any technical issues, you can contact us at . For any additional questions, please contact your Admissions Advisor.

We are here to help.  Should you have any questions about your program or need assistance progressing through your courses, please contact Rosamaria Cerezo in the Student Services Department.   She can be reached by phone/text at (916) 339-4338 or by email at  Paul Mitchel the School students should contact Nikki Montgomery by phone/text at (916) 339-1888 or by email at

Want to learn more about programs at Campus, formerly MTI College?

Our admissions team will help you find the perfect program to meet your goals. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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