Hair Trends to Expect for Summer

Summer’s coming, and that’s a great time to update your hair with a new cut, color or style. If you’ve been thinking about doing something to change your look, but you aren’t sure what, check out these hair trends for the summer of 2018.

New cuts and styles to watch out for

There really are no rules anymore when it comes to hairstyles and cuts, but we’ll be seeing more of some looks than others this summer.

  • The blunt chin-length bob is going to be popular this summer. Rather than the layered bob of the past, this one is straight cut – quite possibly with choppy bangs. The summer will also see shorter, choppier cuts.
  • Bangs will be front and center with stylists this season. From “curtain fringe” to textured or flyaway, bangs will frame faces all over the country.
  • Center-parted natural curls will be both stylish and easy this summer, so put your curl relaxer aside and let the ringlets cascade as they may.
  • Disheveled, texturized locks will give a sexy bedhead look that shows off a carefree, summery attitude. Even if you have flyaway hairs, embrace them because they’re styling.
  • Ponytails in all shapes and forms will make summer hair care effortless. Make a loop, double-bind them or “bandage” them with a wrap-around or two of cloth for a 2018 look.
  • Schoolgirl-style hair is coming back for those who prefer a natural, unassuming look. Think long, fishtail braids and pulled-back hair secured with pins.
  • Buns offer easy up-do styling, but the way you swirl them will be what makes them trendy. Try a croissant bun for a half-up, half-down hairdo, or turn your braids into a manicured bun. Even if you have shorter hair, you can do a “baby” bun at the nape of your neck.
  • Beachy waves will continue to be popular for summer, but they may also appear loose and tousled if you use a lot of product for a “just out of the water” appearance.
  • Adornments for your hair may be the biggest trend of the summer. Barrettes are back, and so are wide headbands, scrunchies and hair ribbons. You’re likely to see crystal bangles tied to hair ends and rings or beads placed throughout to accessorize long locks.

Every color of, under or around the rainbow

Changing your hair color may be the easiest way to showcase your individuality or change your look. This summer, you’ll see a variety of colors and combinations of color.

  • Blonde is no longer a single color. New variations include a cool ash blonde that’s just deeper than gray, snow white, blonde-beige, margarine blonde, lightly toasted and rose gold.
  • Coffee colorings bring warmth and richness to brunette shades. Think dark chocolate, carob, subtle ombre, mocha latte and chestnut hues.
  • Reds are vibrant and flaming, as well as shimmering and coppery, this year. Among the trendier shades, fire-engine red and carrot orange are gaining in popularity. However, If you’re more traditional, you may prefer autumn-colored hair that has hints of pumpkin, russet, bronze, copper and gold. One popular copper-red and bronze-brown blend has been labeled “ronze.”
  • Metallics, like buttered rose – metallic pink over blonde – and silver are gaining in popularity.
  • Millennial pink – and anything pink, really – is trendy for hair. Watch for colors that range from pastels to bubblegum and hot pink.
    Peanut butter and jelly hair is real. Imagine golden brown with hues of purple throughout that look just like peanut butter and grape jelly.
  • Succulent is a multi-toned, varied-intensity color combo that resembles something you might see on a snorkeling expedition. It’s a mélange of purple, magenta, blue, turquoise and sea green.
  • Highlighting offers blends of colors, and the style you use can give different effects. A color bleed has a strong root color with perhaps a brighter color at the ends. It sort of looks like you are growing out your color. A chocolate and rose-gold combination, and amethyst roots over platinum blonde, are both considered trendy types of highlights.
  • Color melting produces a natural light-reflecting look when complementary tones seem to blend or melt together. Remember ombre with the dark on top and light on the bottom? This is much more subtle, so you don’t see where one color ends and another begins.
  • Ecaille uses three or more shades of caramel, golden blonde, honey blonde and chestnut enhanced with shine that’s worked through hair to create more movement that’s especially good for those with thin hair. It’s easier to keep up and doesn’t have to be touched up as frequently.
  • Balayage is hand-painted highlights (without foils) that add dimension and give a more graduated, natural appearance with less-noticeable hair regrowth lines.

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