Paul Mitchell MTI Students Attend Beacon 2012

Hosted every July in Las Vegas, Beacon is a symposium organized by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) for cosmetology students across the country. During this week-long event, students attend specialized classes taught by some of the biggest players in the business. They also have a rare opportunity to network with high profile salon/spa owners and stylists as well as manufacturers and distributors, all the while gaining a deeper understanding of the beauty industry and making valuable contacts.

This year, two students from Paul Mitchell The School – MTI College were accepted to participate in this exciting event: Tania Machado and Jane Dhaliwal!

In addition to its being an incredible boost to rising professionals’ careers, applying to Beacon is actually a requirement of Paul Mitchell Dean’s List students. After completing all requirements on the Dean’s List (Beacon application, excellent grades, solid attendance, club involvement, etc.), students will be contacted after graduation by the dean of Paul Mitchell Schools, Winn Claybaugh, for extra assistance connecting with the salons where they are interested in working.

The application, however, is a challenge in itself. As well as completing an involved written application, there are also several creative hair and makeup demonstrations to prepare. In addition, only 99 slots are available for students competing from cosmetology schools across America. Despite the difficulty of acceptance, however, this year 44 of those slots were claimed by students from Paul Mitchell Schools across the country.

To add to the excitement, aside from two students being accepted into the symposium, two more Paul Mitchell the School students, Morgan Patton and Amber Dewar, were named in an honorable mention announced by the PBA.

The creativity, dedication, and intense effort put in by these four students as well as all Future Professionals who go through the application process do credit to our school, and they have earned our heartfelt congratulations.

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