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Medical assistant holding clipboard
Medical Assistant Externships – How to Find One and Launch Your Career
Medical Assistant
What’s Next in Your Career After Medical Assistant?
Medical Assistant standing
21 Common Questions to Expect in a Medical Assistant Interview
Woman working as medical biller and coder
Getting Your First Medical Billing and Coding Job with No Prior Work Experience
Medical staff in a meeting
Do You Need a Degree to Become a Medical Coder?
Medical Assistant
How Much Do Medical Assistants Earn?
Medical coder working from home
What’s it Like Working from Home as a Medical Biller and Coder?
Medical Assistant students
What to Look for in a Medical Assistant Program
Medical billing specialist using computer
9 Common Myths About Medical Billing Outsourcing
Woman updating medical records
Is Medical Billing and Coding Certification Important?
Medical Biller and Coder working remotely
How Much Can You Earn as a Medical Biller and Coder?
Medical billing specialist with headset in her medical office
25 Pros and Cons of Being a Medical Biller and Coder
Skillful Medical Assistant
Top 24 Essential Skills for Successful Medical Assistants
Medical Assistants and nurse
Medical Assistant vs Registered Nurse: What are the Differences?
Medical Assistant students
How Much Does Medical Assistant Training Cost in California?
Medical Coding Specialist
9 Reasons to Start a Medical Billing and Coding Career
Medical Assistant student
Is it Difficult to Be a Medical Assistant?
Medical Professionals
Should You Become a Medical Assistant?
Man donating blood
How Phlebotomists Help With Blood and Plasma Donation
Medical Assistant drawing blood from patient
What Do You Learn in Phlebotomy Training?
Medical Biller Working
Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook 2023
Medical Assistant Woman
Can Medical Assistants Draw Blood?
Medical team
Ethics in Medical Assisting
Woman working as medical biller and coder
The Ten Steps in the Medical Billing Process
Smiling Medical Assistant
Do You Need to Be Certified as a Medical Assistant to Work in California?
Online doctor's appointment
4 Ways Technology is Transforming Medical Assisting
Medical workers
11 Healthcare Jobs You Can Start with Two Years or Less of School
Phlebotomist drawing blood form patient
Do Phlebotomists Need Certification in California?
Medical Assistant
Pros and Cons of Becoming a Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant programs in California
How to Become a Medical Assistant in California
Vials of Blood
Types of Phlebotomy Certifications
Sacramento CA Medical Assisting
Medical Assistant Job Outlook (Updated for 2023)
Medical Coder and Biller
How to Become a Medical Biller and Coder in California
What is Phlebotomy? What Does a Phlebotomist Do?
7 Reasons to choose a medical career
15 Reasons Becoming a Medical Assistant is a Good Career Choice
Woman doctor with stethoscope and tablet
Where Can Medical Assistants Work?
Medical Assistants
Medical Assistant Career Paths: Advancing Your Career
Medical assistant
How Long Does It Take To Become a Medical Assistant?
Medical Billers and Coders
What Does A Medical Biller & Coder Do?
Medical Assistant
What Is a Medical Assistant? Duties & Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant
A Day in the Life of Medical Assistant
A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant
Medical Assistants can Help Cancer Patients
How Medical Assistants Can Help Breast Cancer Patients
Medical Billing apps
5 Best Apps for Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Assistant scrubs
How an Externship Helps Prepare You for a Career as a Medical Assistant
Ethics card in hands of Medical Doctor
Honesty Is the Best Only Policy for Medical Billers and Coders
Common Errors in Medical Billing and Coding, and How to Avoid Them
medical smartphone apps
Healthcare Medical Apps: Connecting Patients and Physicians Globally
Clinical Industry
How to Advance Your Career in a Clinical Field
Medical Assistant Industry Trends
Medical Industry Trends That Impact the Medical Assistant Profession
Dr. Rohit Dutta
Dr. Rohit Dutta – MTI College Faculty Spotlight
Woman Business Administrator for Hospital
What Does a Certified Medical Coder Need to Know about Medicine?
Alumni Brittney Hermann
Alumni Spotlight – Brittney Hermann
Faculty Laura Balangue
Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laura Balangue
5 Reasons Medical Assistants Love Their Jobs
5 Reasons Medical Assistants Love Their Jobs
Medical Assisting Certification
Demand for Medical Assistants with Certification
MTI College Medical Students
The Cost of Healthcare Certification Training
Medical Careers begin at MTI
FAQs on Healthcare Certification
Medical Professional
Healthcare Careers with Low Educational Requirements
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