What is a Medical Billing and Coding Professional?

What is a Medical Billing and Coding Professional?

Whenever a healthcare provider sees a patient, a medical biller and coder is called on to submit claims to the patient’s insurer in a specific manner, with services, procedures, and diagnosis identified by a medical billing code.

Medical billing and coding professionals work with health care providers and insurance companies to insure that procedures are correctly billed and paid for. In some contexts, the two jobs (billing and coding), are performed by separate individuals or departments. In others, the jobs are combined into one position.

Where the jobs are performed separately, medical billers are typically focused on ensuring that patients and insurance providers are billed correctly, while coders are specifically focused on the accurate coding of all data associated with a patient’s care.

What Medical Billers and Coders Do

Professionals in medical billing and coding are very important to making sure that the money due to a healthcare provider is received, allowing the healthcare provider to stay in business and to provide further care to patients in need. Medical billers and coders are essential to the ongoing function of clinics, hospitals, and private practitioners.

Medical insurance billers and coders primarily work in an office setting, whether in a care giver’s facility or in a separate contractor’s office, utilizing computers and telephones to handle the majority of their work. If working in a clinic or hospital setting; the relative size of the healthcare provider will typically determine the level of specialization afforded to the billing and coding professionals employed.

The work can be challenging in some ways, depending on the level of direct interaction required with insurers and patients. Successful medical billers and coders generally possess a good eye for detail, work well on their own and in small groups, and are able to work with a computer.

Training and Certification Necessary to Work in Medical Billing and Coding

Nearly all medical billing and coding positions in the United States require training and certification prior to employment. Training can be secured through a variety of accredited institutions, such as MTI College, and certification as a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) or a Certified Coding Associate (CCA) is available through the AMBA and the AHIMA.

A typical course of study toward certification generally includes classes in medical billing software, medical administration, medical ethics, documentation evaluation, terminology, human anatomy and physiology, and government programs.

Preparing for a Career as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional

These days, there is a wide variety of training and certification programs being advertised on television and the Internet. Make sure that whichever program you select to prepare for your career as a medical billing and coding professional, you are receiving proper training and recognized certification.

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